What’s Your Story?  Ephesians 1:15-23

In this passage, Paul describes one of the most beautiful stories of the power and love of God in the Bible.  Every believer has a story, a testimony of how Christ has made a difference in his/her life.  Jesus calls us to witness to the power of the gospel in our lives.  He calls us to share our faith story with others.  And our story is about what we know to be the truth…not what we think or what we have heard others say. It is all about what we know! That’s exactly what God expects from each of His followers – to simply share what we know – to testify to others of what God has done in our lives.

Here are four strategies to a powerful testimony. You follow these four steps and you will feel confident about sharing God’s work in your life!

#1 – Do good!

It’s that simple. You want to have a powerful testimony? You want others to want to hear your story? Do Good.

#2 – Keep the focus on the cross.

So whenever you share your story – the focus needs to be on what Jesus did not what you did!  It’s easy to get our attention on anything, everything but what’s important. It’s easy to find our selves distracted and sidetracked, but we have to stay focused.  What Jesus did on the cross must hold our attention because it means everything.

#3. – We have to realize we are not the same any more.

You want to have a powerful testimony?  Then realize that you are not the same person you were before. When Jesus came into your life, when you turned your life over to Him, accepted His forgiveness and made Him your Savior, you began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and were given a new life.  You became a new person.

#4. – We must be willing to take the hits and to wear the scars.

The Apostle Paul could literally take off his shirt and point to the scars. Scars very similar to what must have been on the back of Jesus Christ after He was beaten before He was nailed to the cross.   Be willing to take the hits as long as it means you can live every day for Jesus.

Your story can have a powerful impact on someone else’s life, even if it’s just a little part of that story.  Your testimony, the way you live your life is God’s story to your world.   So follow these strategies and share your story!